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As a freelance web designer, your website becomes
my sole focus, until your website dream is reality




I am a freelance web designer who creates modern, unique websites

An Australian Freelance Web Designer


The success of your website design hinges upon finding a web designer who can balance between great visual design, practical application of  workflow and has experience designing websites to meet the Australian on-line consumers expectations. I am Australian, I am a freelance web designer, I am an executive level virtual assistant and I have the opportunities to be creative.


Freelance Web Designer AND Virtual Assistant

My service as an Australian freelance web designer and virtual administrator ticks all the boxes. As an Australian freelance web designer with a background in Information Technology administration systems, small business management and corporate training, I understand the way Australians like to do business. I give you expert advice so you can make the right decisions towards a website design that works.

All that glisters is not gold – Shakespeare | All that is gold does not glitter – Tolkein


The freelance web designers great challenge

The words of Shakespeare and Tolkein encapsulate perfectly the principal of great web design. It is a websites use-ability and the utility, not the visual only, that will determine the success or failure of your website. You can buy great looking templates off the shelf, but it will take the experience of a skilled website designer, such as you can find in a freelance web designer, to make it successful website for your business needs.


I Plan & Design Websites that Work



An Australian Freelance Web Designers Desk - no stress, just creativity


Web Designs that Fit


I design websites to suit your business workflow

Your website design needs to match you unique business workflow and performs the task(s) you want it to do. It should say who you are, what you do, what you want your visitor to do, and then do it! A website designer needs to apply your desired workflow into your website design in a clear, concise, attractive and simple format. This is what I do.


Websites that suit their true purpose

So what is the purpose of your website?

  • Business card website design
  • A site designed to capture subscribers
  • Sell online – physical or digital
  • Membership/ Subscriber directory
  • Blog
  • A website designed to store and share administration data (database) between your clients, staff and visitors

Whatever you want, the Barefoot Web Designer can design it :)


I Keep Google Happy


I design websites that get first page preference

Your website can be designed in any format using HTML, ASP, PHP or using a CMS (DIY update,) and will include “White Hat” (not Black Hat,) Search Engine Optimisation techniques in the design. Once your website is live, additional SEO can be applied to make your website be found in the front pages of Google searches. Now isn’t that what it’s all about?




Fully Responsive Web Design


Flexible, mobile friendly, cross platform website designs

To design a user-centric website that is beautiful and mobile friendly requires experience, skill and creativity. Experience and skill are the easy bits, it’s the freedom to be creative that is harder to achieve. It’s something I have oodles of, it’s something you are more likely to find in a freelance web designer like me.


modern, mobile friendly website designs for the australian market


Where do I get my creativity

I live a balanced lifestyle.

I Hunt & Gather (for you)

I Eat, Love, Pray

I Sleep & Dream

Be Suprised!

Talk to me today and discover the options you have for a web design that works!

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Something to Ponder

Hiring a freelance web designer can make all the difference

Your website is important. Very.  It’s development is a journey, a personal collaboration between yourself and the designer.
An Australian freelance web designer can make the journey easier.

  • From start to finish, you will only talk to the top creative designer on the job
  • There are no mis-interpretations of your design brief
  • You are contracting the person responsible for 100% of the design portfolio
  • You save money through the transfer of low overheads
  • Design revisions can frequently be made almost immediately after request
  • Billing inquiries and delivery time frames can be clarified easily at time of design discussion


The Road to Barefoot Web Design

Sydney to Bellingen

Freedom.  Give me freedom and I can create. When I do I choose to go barefoot.  It allows me to produce exceptional professional services to people like you.

I used to live in Sydney and I lived to work and worked to live, creating computer programs, developing apps, mastering SEO and designing websites.  Times changed and I live a different life now.  I live deep in a forest, I do the same work, but now I do it for the pure joy of creativity.

I see great opportunities in Australia.  The interconnected cities, the information superhighway, the cloud eco system, the smart grid, the corporate world, the marketing hypes, and the internet of things – we are now in the innovative world of business.

I have been exposed to these multi-faceted work environments, and have learned that even superior knowledge and extreme skills are not enough to survive and excel in these high standards of sophistication.  I realised the huge role that social networking was playing in connecting people, and that’s the time I decided to go freelance in my ways of dealing with office work.

Challenges.  I face challenges.  MS Office, database management, email marketing systems – these are my vintage tools in dealing with the every hour – every minute challenges of business.

My experience is great, yet the trends in technology drive me to learn the new, the advanced – tools that are superior.

I have spent several years expanding my capabilities in Information Technology, Vocational Education and Business Administration and have mastered the craft of Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Research while living in the hustle and bustle of Sydney city.  Providing these services to my clients was always exciting, but the stress and interruptions were never that easy to deal with.  So I made a decision to move out of the city, go freelance and live closer to nature in the beautiful hinterland area of Bellingen, Australia.

Solutions.  I find solutions in peace.  Pursuing my passion as a freelance web designer and virtual assistant together with nature is a whole new experience.

For me to strike the right balance between life and work, I choose to live “off the grid”, but still carry with me the advanced systems and tools for business.

Working in the beautiful Australian forest, the wonderful mountains, near the rivers and relaxing beaches, it opens up many opportunities in my career.  My clients are noticing my exceptional qualities in the projects and tasks they are asking me to do. Their testimonials are truly inspiring.

Being freelance and barefoot while staying savvy and wired is the greatest achievement that has happened in my life.  Blending my professional skills to work freelance with my love for nature is an ingenious decision I will never regret.  Best of all I find this setup a perfect solution to business men and women in Australia.

For fun :)



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