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Hi, my name is Kathy, I'm an experienced IT entrepreneur, freelance web designer, and software trainer with over 15 years of experience in designing websites.  I'm a creative person who loves design, technology, business, beauty, and simplicity. Using a myriad of tools I design websites that cut through space junk to present a business' online presence simply and honestly using the best technology and craft available today.  And, I love it.
Do I do all types and size websites?
Yes, every sort imaginable except  "Adult Only" content sites. The scope of sites I create range from "Business Card" type sites that consist of 3 pages only, to large and complex sites that contain many pages and have high technical functionality that can take months to develop.

I have systems engineers and various other experts I work with when required.
How long does it take to design a website?
All websites are completely different and take various amounts of time to develop and deploy. The sites I do range from small, (3 pages only,) that take a few days, to large and complex sites that can take months.

The average site takes 4-6 weeks.

How much do they cost?
Anywhere between 3000 to 20000 dollars.  It depends on complexity and time.
What does a website include?
This depends upon your specifications however all websites developed will be mobile-friendly and look beautiful over all platforms.  Your website will include a control panel for you to easily add, edit or delete content and email account setups.

Add-on Services Available:
Web Design
Email Marketing & Templates
SMS & MMS Marketing
Logos & Branding
Maintenance Plans
Will you need to provide your own copy and images?
It's up to you.  If you have your own copy and high-quality images it saves a lot of time.  If not, I am happy to provide royalty-free, high-quality images and also copy.  The same applies to logos.
Can you update the site yourself?
Yes, you will get a control panel to add, edit, delete and create new content for your site.  I also offer 5 hours per month subscription plan to do a mix and match of website content management tasks to keep your site looking good, running smoothly, or to create marketing media.
What I need to get started on your website?
You will need to provide me with:

1.  A Registered Domain Name
2. Hosting Account ( Also SSL Certificate if you plan to have a store)
3. Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe, etc) if you plan to have a store
4. Logo, images, and copy
5. A deposit paid

If you have all, some, or none of the content and accounts above it's OK.  I can guide you through the bits only you can do, and for the rest, I will do it for you.
Will I still love you tomorrow?
Yes, I will.  You will always be very welcome to contact me for support.  I also offer and highly recommend a maintenance plan at an affordable price, to ensure your site always looks good and runs perfectly.
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